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How much is in your wallet

So my kids' school is going to be rebuilt.   All families in the school are asked to pledge.  Given that I have 3 kids and therefore 1200 Million HKD in debts (don't ask me why), I turned to my friends for help!

Today, I received a shiny bill from a dear colleague of mine.  And he also graciously agrees that this is just his first installment of his 3 year contribution!  And he asked me to remind him on this very same day next year for the 2nd payment.  I decided to blog about this so I won't forget.  LOL.

Although my blog looks stale, I know I have some loyal readers, if you are one of them, please help your poor friend!

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Daddy time

Can you believe that?  Just a couple weeks after my solo trip to Toronto, I have got another chance to have some time all to myself.  Too good to be true.  Yea, it's fake.  I am just dreaming.


I definitely didn't do a good job in keeping this blog going. I am sort of surprised that they didn't just turf this blog. I guess storage is cheap these days.

The original purpose of this blog was to rant about stuffs that happened around me in a cafe that I will eventually own. The plan was to post all my postings to the wall of this cafe so I don't have to worry about what color theme I should pick, or design I should go with if I can own this dream cafe one day. But I guess slowly but surely things were not going to the way that I had planned.

But just to give a quick summary of this gap, I was pretty shitty at times, but I think I am a pretty lucky person. I always managed to get over shit. So now when I see bigger shit, I am pretty confident that I will ride over that shit. I figure that life is like a well designed game, always fill with surprises and challenges. I just need to find that peaceful la la land, and try to stay on that for a bit longer.

Even tho…

First Love

something different

Something different - what a cute band! =)