Friday, May 08, 2015

Ray's Cafe

Keep dreaming - I will own one!

Saturday, September 27, 2014


I definitely didn't do a good job in keeping this blog going. I am sort of surprised that they didn't just turf this blog. I guess storage is cheap these days.

The original purpose of this blog was to rant about stuffs that happened around me in a cafe that I will eventually own. The plan was to post all my postings to the wall of this cafe so I don't have to worry about what color theme I should pick, or design I should go with if I can own this dream cafe one day. But I guess slowly but surely things were not going to the way that I had planned.

But just to give a quick summary of this gap, I was pretty shitty at times, but I think I am a pretty lucky person. I always managed to get over shit. So now when I see bigger shit, I am pretty confident that I will ride over that shit. I figure that life is like a well designed game, always fill with surprises and challenges. I just need to find that peaceful la la land, and try to stay on that for a bit longer.

Even though I was never a good writer, I never had my stuff published in a paid publication, never got an A in any of my writing classes, I always managed to convince myself that I like to write. I guess loving to write does not mean one can write well. I digress...

The reason why I am resurrecting this blog is because I feel like I am full of shit again. Though, this time I think I would do something different. Instead of ranting about my insanely awesome life, I will be more 'schizophrenia'. So my next identity is going to be a 20 something white male.

Now am I getting your attention?

Friday, January 11, 2013

Monday, October 17, 2011

Social network I

Think twice before you open a social network account. Because once you do that, you can never revert back to where you were before. This is not a threat that I just made up for this blog entry.  I can speak from my experience that this is indeed the case.

About 10 years ago, when the company that I previously worked for was still cool and hip, team building was one of the big things for the company because they believe it can boost morale.  One of the team building activities was to write a bio of ourselves and share across departments.  All bios were supposed to be available in our intranet, but years later, I was able to find all the bios in the internet!

Most people would agree that internet is perhaps one of the greatest inventions in man kind.  However, it is also a very dangerous invention if you don't know what you are stepping into.  I am going to use a very classic example that you may have read about.  You are a very young successful executive in a public company.  You are very active in social network space.  You have high school, college buddies and along with work colleagues in your social network site.   And you just attended a stag party for your best bud, and you had a great time.  The next morning you came to the office, you realized lots of people were looking at you, and they all seemed to be talking about you.  Then hours later, when you get the chance to log on to the social network, then you see that you were tagged!  And you were spanking, being spanked...

I guess I don't need to continue with my examples.